About me

Hi! I am a research scholar at the Computational and Data Sciences Department in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My current project involves detecting changes in a time series and take action based on that, this problem can be classified as a change point detection problem or pattern recognition problem in time series.

I have an academic background in mathematics, I completed my MSc in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I have a keen interest in pure mathematics and want to develop a topological feature-based CPD method.

TDA (Topological Data Analysis) is a valuable tool that is becoming increasingly popular with time. Features extracted from data using TDA can be used for effective statistical learning about the data.



Guest Lecturer-2018

At BIET (Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jhansi) in Engineering Mathematics department.



I worked on a project on Knot theory and it's applications, specifically Braids Representation of exchange of identical particles in two dimensions with Prof. P. Ramadevi, Physics, IIT Bombay


I did a project on computable numbers under Prof. Satyadev Nandakumar , CSA, IIT Kanpur. The Project was on finding behavior of Darboux Functions in Computability Theory and to find out functions that are not Markov Computable.


Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

2019 - current

Ph.D. in Computational and Data Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

2015 - 2017

Master of Science in Mathematics

Bundelkhand University

2012 - 2015

Bachelor of Science, major in Mathematics & Physics

Link to my project page: https://amrajak.github.io/webpage/

Link to my ds200 Assignment: https://github.com/amrajak/ds200



Email : akankshamr@iisc.ac.in

Work Address : QUEST Lab, CDS Department, IISc Bangalore