Aka.ms/remoteconnect - Microsoft Account Login

The gaming industry has gone through a lot of changes in the past few decades. No one would have thought that the gaming industry will see such a boom, probably not even the physicist who created the first-ever video game. Now there are so many amazing games that offer an immersive gameplay experience in terms of story, mechanics, and graphics. One such game is Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of those games that brought in a lot of players across the globe. Currently, there are around 126 million Minecraft players. Also, the game is available on different platforms like Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and Nintendo, etc. The game even supports cross-play, but you might sometimes face an error that shows itself in the form of https://aka.ms/remoteconnect.

What is aka.ms/remoteconnect?

To connect with other players in Minecraft and enjoy the cross-play platform features, you need to log in to our Microsoft account. This helps players from various platforms like Xbox, Playstation, PC, and others to join one another in the world of Minecraft for a shared gameplay experience. All the players should have to connect to the same server for the multiplayer cross-play to work.

Everything goes smoothly until you see the aka.ms/remoteconnect error pop up on your game screen. This error usually shows up in the bedrock version of Minecraft since that is the most used version of the game as it supports various platforms like PC, mobiles, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The aka.ms/remoteconnect also offers many other Microsoft services other than the cross-play option, but for this to work, you have to enter the code shown on the screen in the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect portal.

While it is an irritating little bug that prevents Microsoft cross-play login, it can be taken care of by using a few techniques.

What Could Cause the aka.ms/remoteconnect Error?

There aren’t many reasons why and how this error could occur during your Minecraft game, but we could guess a reason or two as to why it can happen. So let’s shoot away.

Switching of Devices

People who have multiple devices for playing Minecraft may be more susceptible to this error. That’s because these people often switch their game from one platform to another, which is probably the reason you are facing this error.

While you can use the crossplay platform feature to the best of your requirement, it doesn’t mean that you do not have to pay the price for constantly switching account across multiple platforms. Even though this isn’t the only explanation for this error, it is still the most common excuse for the error.

Your Game Data is the Culprit

With multiple platforms, multiple versions, and different release versions, you might be able to guess where I’m going with this. If you cannot, then let me make it easier for you, I’m talking about the game files. There is a very good reason that your game files could be corrupt and not working as they are supposed to.

The issue of corrupt files isn’t a new one, and it will last for the years to come, but that doesn’t mean it is difficult or unsolvable. You can just simply uninstall the game and install it back to fix this issue, or if you know the corrupt files and can replace them, then go for it.

Though, the second method isn’t advisable as it could cause a thread of other new issues.

These are the most common reason why you see the aka.ms/remoteconnect error on your screen.

How to Solve the aka.ms/remoteconnect Error?

Now, there are a few simple things that you can do to fix this, one of which should be very obvious, but we will still help you with it and the other methods that follow. Since this isn’t much of a tough row to hoe, you will do fine with the help of the below methods, but before you get impulsive make sure to save the game.

The Obvious One for PS4 Consoles

So you see an error on your PS4 screen(this usually happens in the PS4 console) asking you to login into the Microsoft account and enter a specific code. The best and easiest plan of action would be to do, just that.

Well, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Open your Minecraft game on PS4 or any other device and start the game by signing in to your Microsoft account.

When you see a code on the screen along with a remote connect portal link, all you have to do is open the link in a browser and enter the code that was displayed on the screen. Poof!, and the error is gone. Now you can enjoy the game in all its cross-play glory.

The Not So Obvious One for Xbox Consoles

This is procedure is best suited to the Xbox device and may not work well for others. So for Minecraft cross-play to work on any of the Xbox consoles like the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you first need to have the game installed on any of these consoles. Then you can use the remote play feature to play the game.

Now you will face the same error for Xbox just like other devices, but to fix this you will have to first set up the remote play option. To do that, you can go to your profile settings and select the Remote features option from the Device & connections menu.

In that menu, you can enable the remote features option. Finally, select the instant-on option that can be found under Power mode. When that is done, you can use the same procedure we used for PS4 consoles to fix this. Take the code shown on the screen and enter it on the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect portal from your Xbox browser.

The Other Fix

In case the above two options do not work, or there is some other reason that this doesn’t work in your favor, then let’s do something else. Try resetting your Microsoft account password and logging back into it.

Visit the Microsoft login page and select the password reset option. Then you will see a field that requires your email address. When you enter that, you will receive a redirection to your registered Microsoft mail. Using the link, you can activate your Microsoft account password.

Now restart your console and game, then get back into the Minecraft game by entering into your Minecraft account. Now you will probably see the same error again. Just take the code and enter it in the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect portal, and that should be the end of it.

Remember, most of the time the error only occurs in the PS4 console, and if it happens in others, the above procedure should work. If you have any more issues or if you need help with other platforms then you can check this aka.ms.remoteconnect page. Also, check this page for more solutions.


There isn’t much left to say which hasn’t already been covered in this article. So all you have to do is follow the instructions provided above, and you will be fine. The first solution should work for almost every device, and in case if it doesn’t then you have other methods too. So have fun with the Minecraft cross-play.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is https://aka.ms/remoteconnect?

It’s a Microsoft portal for Minecraft where you have to enter the cross-play shown on your game screen.

Does the same error occur in the Nintendo devices?

Yes, you can see the same error in the Nintendo devices.

What devices support cross-play for Minecraft?

Xbox, PS4, PC, Nintendo, mobile versions of Minecraft support cross-play

Do Linux and Mac devices support Minecraft cross-play?

Yes, both Linux and Mac devices support Minecraft cross-play