Other Package prices:

      • 2 page starter package, Logo and 2 Images: $248 (including Google Sites) + any setup fee
      • 5 page package, 6 images=$553 + setup fee
      • 10 page package, 20 images=$1044 + setup fee
      • Less than 5 pages: $124/page w/ 1 image/page + setup fee

Other Prices:

      • Info-pages: $124/page w/ 1 image, $8 to add/update PDF document(s) or content+$10/year (Call for details)
      • Additional Images or PDF files: $8 ea // updates to them $4 each
      • Additional links: $5 ea
      • Web pages can be Up to 1-2 printed pages long- as measured by browser pdf creation with my default settings. More than that costs more prorated by rounding to the nearest ¼ page.
      • -- One month is allowed to solidify initial content for each page with up to 5 revisions during that time (starting from the moment of putting any content besides a generic “Coming Soon” message). Hourly rates apply after that.
      • Additional charge for logo or graphics design / image processing: @ $25/hour
      • Photography sessions: $25/hour
      • Setup Fee: Assistance to help set up domain/hosting, email, ftp access, up to 3 subdomains, basic database access $50 - you must pay the service provider separately for domain/hosting, email or other charges. ($30 to help set up Google sites.)
      • Updates or Consultations are available at $25/hour rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour. PHP and JavaScript programming is $30/hour rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes (for things like database driven pages, dynamic (DHTML) or interactive pages (or simple page animations).
      • Minimum: half hour if remote, one hour if in the field.
      • Assistance Setting Up / Maintaining WordPress or Joomla! Sites available at $25/hour or by estimate. Terms and specification agreements apply for all estimates. Other Content Management System platforms are only at the hourly rate.
      • Rounding for Hourly rates: Start and end times are truncated down to the nearest minute. The duration of service is then rounded off to the nearest tenth of an hour (multiples of six minutes).
      • Tax: is included in pricing above.
      • Price Quotes are good for 30 days.


      • 50% down payment required to begin work. Pay the rest when work is completed. Payments can be made by check or by cash. Returned check fee is $30.