Package prices:

      • 2 page starter package, Logo and 2 Images: $248 (including Google Sites) + any setup fee
      • 5 page package, 6 images=$553 + setup fee
      • 10 page package, 20 images=$1044 + setup fee
      • Less than 5 pages: $124/page w/ 1 image/page + setup fee

Other Prices:

      • Info-pages: $124/page w/ 1 image, $8 to add/update PDF document(s) or content+$10/year (Call for details)
      • Additional Images or PDF files: $8 ea // updates to them $4 each
      • Additional links: $5 ea
      • Web pages can be Up to 1-2 printed pages long- as measured by browser pdf creation with my default settings. More than that costs more pro-rated by rounding up to the nearest ¼ page.
      • -- One month is allowed to solidify initial content for each page with up to 5 revisions during that time (starting from the moment of putting any content besides a generic “Coming Soon” message). Hourly rates apply after that.
      • Additional charge for logo or graphics design / image processing: @ $25/hour
      • Photography sessions: $25/hour
      • Setup Fee: Assistance to help set up domain/hosting, email, ftp access, up to 3 sub-domains, basic database access $50 - you must pay the service provider separately for domain/hosting, email or other charges. ($30 to help set up Google sites.)
      • Updates or Consultations are available at $25.00/hour rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour. PHP and JavaScript programming is $30.00 an hour (for things like database driven pages, dynamic (DHTML) or interactive pages (or simple page animations).
      • Minimum: half hour if remote, one hour if in the field.
      • Assistance Setting Up / Maintaining WordPress or Joomla! Sites available at $25.00/hour or by estimate. Terms and specification agreements apply for all estimates. Other Content Management System platforms are only at the hourly rate.
      • Rounding for Hourly rates: Start and end times are truncated down to the nearest minute. The duration of service is then rounded off to the nearest tenth of an hour (multiples of six minutes).
      • Tax: is included in pricing above.
      • Price Quotes are good for 30 days.

Upcoming Pricing Changes

      • Prices may change starting early 2019 to keep up with inflation and overhead. Jobs put on the waiting list by Dec. 31, 2018 will be grandfathered in at Fall 2018's price schedule.


      • 50% down payment required to begin work. Pay the rest when work is completed. Payments can be made by check or by cash. Returned check fee is $30.