Package Details

If you would like a package that includes more or less pages or other features, or if you have a certain budget to work within, we can come up with a customized package to help accommodate specific needs.

Packages include:

      • Text with formatting and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (no CSS for some InfoPages or Google sites)
      • Include your company Logo
      • 1 image per web page (or 2 per page for 10 page package)
      • 1 or 2 navigation bars (text only for InfoPages or on request)
      • Five hyperlinks
      • Four email links
      • 3 Buttons or icons
      • Hit counter if desired (not for InfoPages)
      • Does not include... image processing or graphic design // domain/host/etc setup // revisions beyond the 30 day limit from each page creation
      • Free one hour consultation

Additional pages, images, and special features are available at additional cost. Some possibilities for special features include… tables, login or upload capability, drag and drop web page elements, rollover effects, page transitions when changing pages, artwork/design for banners or graphic buttons, “image maps”, mini-Content-Management utilities, database interaction, AJAX, slide shows, other dhtml or dynamic pages. Some platforms for CMS/etc and hosting may put restrictions on this.

Google interactive maps, satellite view, street view can be used in place of images at $8/view. For an example, see: Links can be provided for directions from any visitor’s address by various means of transportation ($8). Embedding may not be possible on some setups.