Amanda J. Williamson

I am a Lecturer in Innovation and Strategy at the Waikato Management School, New Zealand. I recently completed my PhD from the Institute of Work Psychology (University of Sheffield, UK) and a seven-month international research stay in Chile (at the Department of Systems and Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

My area of research relates to the antecedents and consequences of affect in early stage entrepreneurship. More broadly, I am interested in research that intersects the disciplines of entrepreneurship/strategy and psychology, and that utilises novel research methods. My PhD topic was on the dark side and downside of entrepreneurship.

Previous to the PhD, I worked as a Research Assistant at the former New Zealand Centre for small and medium-size enterprise research, and as a project manager for innovation research. I am currently a recipient of a doctoral scholarship award, and I hold top student awards from Massey University New Zealand, where I graduated on the Dean's List, in the highest five per cent of students, earned first class honours (US equivalent of Summa Cum Laude) and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.

I am a member of The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning and affiliated with the following research centres:

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