Amanda J. Williamson

I am a Lecturer in Innovation and Strategy at the Waikato Management School, New Zealand.

My area of research relates to the antecedents and consequences of affect in early stage entrepreneurship. More broadly, I am interested in research that intersects the disciplines of entrepreneurship/strategy and psychology, and that utilises novel research methods. My PhD topic was on the dark side and downside of entrepreneurship, using machine learning approaches.

I was awarded my PhD by the Institute of Work Psychology (University of Sheffield, UK) and conducted a seven-month international research stay in Chile (at the Department of Systems and Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile). Previous to the PhD, I worked as a Research Assistant at the former New Zealand Centre for small and medium-size enterprise research, and as a project manager for innovation research. I am currently a recipient of a doctoral scholarship award, and I hold top student awards from Massey University New Zealand, where I graduated on the Dean's List, in the highest five per cent of students, earned first class honours (US equivalent of Summa Cum Laude) and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.

I am a member of The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning and affiliated with the following research centres:

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