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welcome to Atsushi J. Nishizawa's page.

I am a Lecturer at Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University. My expertise and interest lie in observational cosmology and astronomy, specifically in large-scale structure, gravitational lensing, galaxy evolution, cosmic microwave background and gravitational wave. Most of my research is based on the theoretical work but I have long been involved in the HSC (Hyper Suprime Cam) which is a large imaging camera installed on the prime focus of Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. Recently, I am also interested in working on the Machine Learning method to predict the distance of galaxies with limited information. I believe in physics but at the same time am looking for various interesting applications of ML to astronomy and cosmology when physics is (seems to be) ineffective.

Other activities in NU

I am also working on organizing the Nagoya IAR (Institute for Advanced Research) as a full time faculty. The activities include