Poster Prize

During this yearly event, taking place in spring, PhD students and PostDocs of the ICM get the opportunity to put up a poster presenting their research and present it in front of a jury of PIs from inside and outside of the ICM. Winners are elected in three categories: first- and second-year PhD students, third- and fourth-year PhD students, and PostDocs.

This year’s edition took place on 12 April, 2019. The organizers were Jean-Baptiste Hure and Emilie Poiron. We warmly congratulate the winners who are all awarded 550€ to spend on going to a conference!

    • PhD student year 1/2 : Célia LACAUX (Eq. Vidailhet - Lehéricy)
    • PhD student year 3/4: Jennifer FRANSSON (Eq. Naït Oumesmar - Zujovic)
    • Postdoctoral fellow: Laura DESBAN (Eq. Wyart)