PhD & PostDoc Workshop

Every year in October, the Ajités organize a short retreat of 3 days, open to PhD students and PostDocs of the ICM, although in recent years this activity has been co-organized other institutes too (notably the Institute of Neurology from London in 2017 and 2018, respectively in London and in Paris).

This year's edition took place from Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 October and was hosted by Oriana Lavielle. The group consisted of about 40 young researchers, along with two handfuls of other representatives of the ICM (from the board, communications department, startup incubator, and several PIs).

The purpose was for the young researchers from the various subfields of neuroscience in the ICM to present their work to each other by means of a poster or a short presentation, and to learn from the PIs that also present their field of research in a longer presentation. As meta-scientific activities, we hosted the Brain Booster Challenge - where researchers were stimulated to conceive and pitch a new project, tightly or more vaguely related to research - and a group discussion about the academic world and the Imposter Syndrome, hosted by a psychiatrist.