Aj Srivastava

Comedian, Scientist, Climber, Retired Magician, Washed up Mathematician, and the Batman


Aj Srivastava is a stand up comedian living in Los Angeles. He is originally from India, where he started doing sketch comedy and making short films during his undergrad. 

Living up to the Indian  stereotype, he holds a PhD in Computer Science.  Instead of talking about smart things, his comedy focuses on boneless chickens, British GPS, Marlon Brando, Jesus, Moses, and annoying American expressions.

He has performed in India, US, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy. He has also produced several comedy shows all around Los Angeles.

"Indian Seinfeld" - Howard Aronin

"My man!" - Mike Perkins

"That might be the best joke you will ever come up with" - Francis Cronin

"Not as bad as I thought" - Richy Leis

"Are you the brain specialist?" - Ori Amir

"Has the 7-Eleven guy checked out yet?" - One hotel receptionist to the other while unbeknownst to them, Aj was only few feet away, proudly witnessing  a white person and a black person overlooking their racial differences, uniting over a foreign stereotype. 

For booking, email: ajitesh47[at]gmail[dot]com

For my academic page, please visit: https://www.ajitesh-srivastava.com/

Aj's Comedy Evolution (2015-present)






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