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Welcome to AiX Lab, where innovation meets intelligence. We are at the forefront of cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence, exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to creating impactful solutions that span various applications within AI. 

At AiX Lab, we believe in the power of technology to shape the future, and our mission is to contribute to advancements that positively impact society. Join us on this journey of discovery and innovation, where AI meets endless possibilities.

Principal Investigator

Soodeh Nikan, PhD

Assistant Professor 

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Western University 

Dr. Nikan received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Windsor in 2014. She is currently an Assistant Professor in software engineering with the Department of ECE, Western University, Canada. 

Her research centers around the realms of AI/ML, computer vision, data analytics, and signal processing, which has made significant contributions to optimized deep/machine learning-based technologies for highly demanding areas of automotive, smart and sustainable agriculture and biomedical engineering. Notably, she possesses a rich industry research background in AI and autonomous driving with 3-year experience at Ford Motor Company prior to joining Western.