The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) conducted a three-part programme at the IAAF World Championships, London 2017. This consisted of Anti-Doping and Betting Monitoring programmes, and an Education Outreach initiative.

Education & Prevention Outreach initiative

A joint Education and Prevention Outreach campaign was carried out in London for the duration of the Championships. The education programme for athletes and support personnel was organised at the team hotels and competition venue.

Athletes’ Integrity Pledge

Approximately 2,500 athletes, support personnel and administrators signed the Athletes’ Integrity Pledge.

"Throughout the Championships, it was evident that there was a strong, positive reaction from athletes and their support teams to the work of the AIU. It was hugely satisfying to see that athletes have a real thirst to gain knowledge of integrity-related issues and to learn how they can better help uphold the right values of the sport. "

AIU Head, Brett Clothier

Many athletes helped promote the ‘Stand Tall, Speak Up!’ message on social media.

Athlete Survey

More than 630 Athletes, support personnel, administrators and fans also took part in an AIU Athlete Survey designed to collect views on integrity in the sport of athletics.

‘Stand Tall, Speak Up!’ wristbands

4,000 Athletes’ Integrity Pledge wristbands were distributed to athletes during the Championships. Some even wore them to compete!

The joint Athletes’ Commission is a joint initiative between Athletics Integrity Unit and IAAF.

Clean Athletics was a joint campaign during the Championships between the host Federation and Athletics Integrity Unit.

The WADA Athlete Committee signed the Athletes' Integrity Pledge.

Anti-Doping programme

The AIU anti-doping programme at the Championships was comprehensive and intelligence-based, aimed at both detecting and deterring athlete doping. A total of 1,513 blood and urine samples were collected and analysed during the pre-competition (from 31 July) and in-competition (from 4 August) testing periods.

Educational posters were displayed and an Anti-Doping Advice Guide booklet was distributed to athletes during the Championships. On the AIU website Knowledge Centre both the Advice Guide and the poster are available to download.

Testing statistics

  • 596 urine samples collected including 212 samples analysed for the detection of EPO
  • 917 blood samples collected including 725 for profiling purposes in the context of the Athlete Biological Passport and 192 for the detection of Human Growth Hormone and erythropoiesis stimulating agents.

Betting Monitoring programme

The AIU entered a strategic partnership with the British Gambling Commission to manage reports of suspicious betting activity in connection with the Championships. Under the arrangements of the partnership, any reported suspicious or irregular betting activity related to the Championships was investigated by the AIU, with disciplinary proceedings to be brought if necessary under the Integrity Code of Conduct.

No concerns related to betting activity were reported to the AIU by the British Gambling Commission during the IAAF World Championships 2017.

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