AISC 2022

As part of Australasian Computer Science Week (ACSW 2022)

14 - 18 February 2022

Virtual Conference

Australasian Information Security Conference (AISC 2022) will be held as part of the Australasian Computer Science Week (ACSW 2022,, which represents the largest annual gathering of computer scientists and researchers in Australasia. This conference aims at promoting research on all aspects of cyber security, digital forensics, and cryptography and increasing communication between academic and industrial researchers working in this area. AISC 2022 welcomes not only computer scientists and researchers, but also educators, students, technicians, practitioners and industry from across the world. We encourage contributions from different fields such as system security, network security, cyber security, cryptology and etc.

Organized By:

Swinburne University of Technology

Monash University

The University of Adelaide