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Cemetery Caretaker produces podcasts, makes art, writes, and lives her best Southern Gothic life.

  • "A young Erma Bombeck. [Whitney's] writing is technically superb, but it's the humor and descriptions that really do it." - R. Blalock
  • "Whitney's daily life is basically an 'Old Crow Medicine Show' music video." - T.A. Farmer, author / HEMA coach
  • "Whitney doesn't live under a rock. She lives under a tombstone." - M.D. Anderson, author / Twitch streamer

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A horror novelist, a swordfighter, and a cryptkeeper walk into a podcast network studio... Authors Michael David Anderson and Thomas A Farmer, along with artist Whitney "Airpants" Petelka, sit down with fellow creatives to tell stories and discuss the PROCESS. Actors, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, and other authors and artists fill out the diverse guest list.

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