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New Comic Release for 2018 on Webtoons!

Finicky bureaucrat Dr. Kang keeps records of paranormal entities in a fictionalized version of Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). We follow along with 22-year-old Shinobu 'Motokun' Miyamoto as he goes through a wacky temp job and has his eyes opened to the strange things in the supposedly mundane Appalachain mountains. This series is a mishmash of Dr. Kang tales, views of the Scruffy City (Knoxville), the Secret City (Oak Ridge), and stories from the author's life as a cemetery caretaker.

Authors in Abstract

Tom Farmer, Michael David Anderson, and Whitney Petelka host the new Authors in Abstract podcast on the Southern Fried Radio Network!

Want to get inside the head of writers, artists, and other creators? This is the place to go! We have no intention of being just another author interview podcast; let's get into what makes us creators and address the topics that truly matter about the whole process!

AiA has guests ranging from authors and artists to comics and actors. We chat with them about the creative process. We also make them play an improv storytelling game with us. It's full of fun! And spiders.

The first episode drops Friday, January 19 and will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Tune In Radio.

Prints Available for Purchase!

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