This website is meant to share AirHARP quicklooks from data being acquired during the NASA ACEPOL Campaign from 23-Oct to 10-Nov 2017.

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Photo taken by NASA Science Pilot D. Stuart Broce, during the flight on Oct-26. You can see the front pod of the left wing where AirHARP is mounted.

For more information on AirHARP instrument, please visit: For information on the ACEPOL Campaign and AirHARP L1B data access, please visit:

Quicklooks Update History:

11/09/2017: Quicklooks for preliminary data using:

  • Preliminary flat field
  • Preliminary radiometric calibration;
  • Preliminary polarization coefficients;
  • Preliminary geolocation;
  • Preliminary sensor alignment

3/12/2019: Quicklooks for reprocessed data (Calibrated V001) is being updated for the following dates: 23-Oct, 25-Oct.

Example Animations from LMOS:

Example of multi-color pushbrooms, LMOS Campaign

Example of multi-angle pushbrooms, LMOS Campaign

Example Data Sampled from AirHARP/ACEPOL Level 1B Products:

Click the button above to download AirHARP/ACEPOL data sampled over several locations showing in below maps. The AirHARP Level 1B data processed for the entire ACEPOL campaign can be downloaded from the NASA ACEPOL data repository. You are welcome to contact us to request more sampled data.

data sampled from a sunglint scene

data sampled from a smoke scene