Frequently Asked Questions

What are membership benefits?

As Community Gardeners you are gifted with a membership for the hort society. A membership is available for $25/year which will give you a 10% discounts at garden centres or a drop in fee of $5 for each workshop.

When do you meet?

The Airdrie Horticultural Society meets every third Wednesday of the month. We meet at 7pm at Cam Clark Ford in the community room at the top of the stairs.

What is the damage deposit for?

Damage deposits are returned at the end of the season if:

  • Plots and pathways are maintained throughout the season (free of weeds, planted, watered)
  • Plots are harvested by the end of the season

How much does it cost to rent a plot at the Community Garden

  • $30 per season
  • $25 damage depost