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     About Us     

The Airdrie Horticultural Society serves to inspire, create community, and promote the enjoyment of gardening through society membership and by providing community gardens for individuals and families to grow their own food.

Studies show that gardening has many health benefits, and those who regularly garden and grow their own food, live longer. Because of this, we encourage both novice and experienced gardeners to join our monthly events/ workshops to learn and share knowledge with each other.

We also foster environmental sustainability by encouraging the creation of eco friendly gardens, reducing our impact and overall footprint on the environment and municipal resources, and promoting health and wellbeing.


The Airdrie Horticultural Society is very excited to announce that we will be adding the Lanark Community Garden to our portfolio, where 19 garden enthusiasts will get to call home.


The Garden will also Feature:

A Designated Learning Garden

Rhubarb Planter

Herb Garden

Annual, Perennial, and Native Alberta Flowers

Be Home to the First in Garden Compost Project

We would like to thank the City of Airdrie and the Community of Lanark for the opportunity to manage and maintain the garden, and for the endless support to get the garden ready for 2024. 

If you are interested in acquiring a spot within the Lanark or Monklands Community Gardens, please fill out the Request a Plot form.

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