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Once you invest in air conditioning units, this is a must-plan air conditioning service. Like any other device, once used frequently, you have to face tear, not to mention that it may corrode part dirt. Without professional air-conditioning services or proper maintenance, your aircon will also perform poorly and will quickly break out. Then when does your air conditioning unit need to be repaired? If you need aircon servicing in Singapore , please visit our website for more info .

How often your air conditioner need to clean?

Complete aircon servicing includes disassembly of the main and secondary components. In general, you need to maintain at least twice a year. Of course, not every air conditioning unit has the same demand.

When it comes to aircon unit maintenance schedules, you also have to consider different factors.

What are these factors? How many hours does your air conditioner run daily? Does office work more than 8 hours a day? Or, maybe you just put it in a nightly room?

If you use air conditioning for up to 8 hours a day, you probably want to clean it every three months to make sure that the main and secondary parts are up and running.

Another need to always pay attention to the location of air conditioning unit. If the equipment faces the road, dirt that may enter the system must be considered. On the other hand, if your aircon unit is located somewhere away from dust, you can do it twice a year.

Check and maintain daily

Every day it is possible to ensure the operational efficiency of the aircon unit. Observe the sound that your air conditioning unit is making. Remember, early detection is the best thing you can do if your aircon has a problem.

What are the most common things you need to be aware of? Observe whether the air conditioning unit has a weird noise. This usually means that your air conditioning unit needs cleaning. Do you need a higher thermostat to make the room comfortable? Or, air conditioning unit smell?

These are the things you need to check. If you notice that your AC unit has these things, it is best to call an expert for air conditioning maintenance. Instant access to maintenance air conditioning helps save you a lot of money and avoids inconveniences of having no air conditioning at work or at home.

Many people think that the maintenance aircon is a lot of work. In fact, this is exactly the opposite. You can call a professional aircon servicing expert to help you clean thoroughly, and you can change or clean the filter yourself.