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6 Airbnb Problems which you need to face wile using Airbnb

The vast majority of Airbnb rentals go smoothly, but do you know what to do when they don’t? What happens if your host cancels your booking two days before you arrive, or the spacious bedroom shown in a listing turns out to be the size of a closet?

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Airbnb problems like these don’t have to ruin your trip. Below we explain how to resolve seven common Airbnb issues, from lost keys to illegal listings.

These problems aren’t unique to Airbnb, which is one of countless vacation rental sites on the web. However, each site has its own unique policies, so we recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully if you encounter any of the following problems when booking a rental through a different company.

1. The place isn’t what I expected.

Maybe your host forgot to mention that she owned two cats, leaving you sneezing throughout your stay. Or he optimistically described his neighborhood as “up and coming” when it was actually half a block from a seedy red light district.

If you show up to your rental and find that it isn’t what was advertised, reach out to your host to see if it’s something that he or she can resolve.

If it isn’t, and you don’t feel that you can continue your stay, you might be eligible for a refund from Airbnb as long as you contact the company within 24 hours of check-in.

Take photos to support your claim and be sure to use Airbnb’s messaging function to notify the host of the issue so the company has documentation that you and the host have discussed the problem.

2. Something isn’t working during my stay.

If the dishwasher goes on the fritz or you can’t get the Wi-Fi to work, contact your host directly to get it fixed or arrange for a partial refund. If the host doesn’t respond or isn’t able to resolve the issue within 72 hours, you can ask Airbnb to step in and mediate.

Unhappy with the final resolution? Share your experience in a review after your stay. Will it help solve your problem? No, but it may help future guests avoid a similar headache.

3. I don’t like my host.

Some of these problems can be avoided with a little advance research and communication. Read reviews from previous guests to see what they say about the host.

Then read the host’s profile thoroughly and reach out to him or her to ask questions about the listing before you book.

Does the host respond quickly and in a friendly tone? You can’t tell everything about a person from a few messages, but you can at least watch out for red flags (such as rudeness or a lack of response altogether).

4. I lost my key .

Call or text your host as soon as you realize that you can’t access the property. Most experienced hosts will have a spare key readily available, though if they’re at work or otherwise occupied they might not be able to get it to you right away.

Note that the cost of a new key and/or changing the locks may come out of your security deposit if your host charges one.

5. The host canceled my reservation at the last minute.

If your host’s plans change, you could be left scrambling for a place to stay just a few days before your trip. Once the host cancels your reservation, Airbnb will let you apply your payment to a new place to stay or give you a full refund.

According to the Airbnb site, you must log into your account from a computer, not a mobile device, to request a refund.

6. I’m not sure if my rental is legal.

Airbnb has made headlines for legal challenges in cities like Paris, New York, and San Francisco. So how do you know if your rental falls afoul of the law.

It’s almost always okay to rent someone’s spare room if your host is present during your stay. What’s not legal in many cities is renting out an entire apartment on a short-term basis. This is because cities are trying to preserve the availability of longer-term housing for local residents.