The 3rd Workshop on Advances in IoT Architecture and Systems

June 23, 2019, Phoenix, Arizona, USA | Workshop co-located with ISCA 2019

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is poised for a disruptive growth in near future where a wide variety of resources will be connected to the Internet. An IoT system will be the biggest connected system the human race has ever built. The system has to be open to support any future devices that may wish to connect to the system, which will be huge in size, supporting trillions of devices, millions of human users, and transporting data of several magnitudes more than that of today’s Internet.

Importance of research on IoT systems has been recognized across industry and academia, since it is simply not a system integration issue that we need to handle. It is projected as the major economic driver for the next few decades to come. An IoT system will need to integrate all fields of engineering, and possibly various fields of basic sciences. Diversity, Scalability, Accessibility, Openness, Programmability, Performance, tolerance to failure, etc. are some of the associated broad areas of research in IoT engineering. Engineers around the world are stitching small IoT systems catered for restricted domains such as home, city transportation, agriculture, etc. These efforts have increased our understanding of the issues and have unearthed problems associated with this vision.

Our immediate aim is to host a strongly interactive gathering of like-minded researchers and some practitioners, who are exploring the above areas, and embedded systems in general, to present their work and discuss potential ways forward.

Our long term objective is to initiate and formulate a group of researchers working on the issues of connected embedded systems and IoT architecture; and practitioners from industry, to meet regularly and describe issues, new problem areas pertaining to IoT system, and also to discuss on standards and solutions. We hope to positively influence the design, development, evolution and transformation of connected embedded systems like an IoT systems, with novel methods and techniques.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline

March 22, 2019

Notification of Acceptance

April 12, 2019

Camera-ready Due

May 6, 2019

Workshop Day

June 23, 2019

The accepted papers will be published at ACM SIGBED Review.