AI for Medical Image Analysis

The Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis Platform (AIMIA Platform) includes:

Artificial Intelligence Engine (AI Engine) to extract hidden information from high-dimensional medical image data sets

Augmented Intelligence Workflows (AI Workflows) to turn the information into clinical intelligence

The Core Concept of the AIMIA Platform

AI Engine + AI Workflows = A Significant Difference

AI Workflows go from head to toe

AIMIA aims to advance Taiwan as an AI innovation base for medical image analysis and its applications

Thanks to ubiquitously available data sets, fast-growing computing power, and the latest innovative algorithms, AI continues to surprise us by changing the world at a rapid pace. We collaborators in the Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis (AIMIA) project think AI can lend us a big hand in staying healthy by enhancing medical image analysis.

The AIMIA Platform consists of high-performance Artificial Intelligent Engine (AI Engine) and innovative Augmented Intelligence Workflows (AI Workflows), establishing a platform with interdisciplinary knowledge of artificial intelligence, medicine, high-performance computing, mathematics, and statistics. We help medical personnel tackle the upcoming challenges of precision medicine and aim to turn over a new leaf in the medical field in the next decade.