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Aim Trainer | The Best Shooting Trainer For FPS Games

Are you a sore loser every time you play first-person shooter (FPS) games? Or maybe you just want to improve and get enough kills in your favorite FPS games? If you are a competitive player and you want to master your shooting skills, then this is the program for you. This highly-interactive shooting trainer game is called Aim Trainer!

This action game is one of the best aim trainer games there is. It offers highly customized features so players can have more control over their practicing routine. What’s more, the controls actually resemble basic settings that you see in most shooting games.

We’ve got more things to applaud the developers of this game (Logivi). Aside from highly customized controls, what players should anticipate is Aim Trainer’s high-quality 3D graphics. Who would ever have thought about making a simple practice game with 3D graphics? Because of this, it helps give players a more realistic and immersive training ground for any shooter game.

Since we’re talking about high-quality graphics, one of the things to point out in this 3D Aim Trainer game is its smooth gameplay. You will never experience lags and glitches while training with Aim Trainer.

What’s more, you won’t even encounter any pixelated graphics in this game! All these features will help you play the game flawlessly, giving you better aim practice experience. Besides the graphics and customized controls, here are the other features that you should expect from the best Aim Trainer program.

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Exciting Aim Trainer Game Modes

Who says that this game is just about basic aim training? It’s not just that, this game also offers three various modes for you to try: ranked mode, relax/training mode, and timed mode. All these three modes will help you master your aims and shoots!

If you are a total noob when it comes to shooting and FPS games, you should go with the relax/training mode. From the name alone, you will be simply practicing your aims and shoots - without pressure. You have no time limits and no target goals for you to meet! You don't even have to compete with anyone. It's just you and your gun.

If you believe that you’re good with aiming already, and you just want to make sure that your skills can compete fairly against other players, go for Ranked Mode. In this mode, you get to see a leaderboard that shows which players have the most hits in a specific time frame. From there, you can compete with players from different parts of the world. It’s also a great way to assess your aiming and shooting skills, and have it compared with real players in the field.

If you don’t want to compete with other players but you still want to challenge yourself, you can go for Timed Mode. In this mode, you can set your own parameters. This includes the time and amount of targets that you have to aim within a specific round. This still helps you increase your speed and precision in aiming.

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Variety of Fun Stages

Aside from 3 different game modes, you will surely have fun with Aim Trainer's various stages as well. Of course, having only one course or stage is boring, especially if it's used repeatedly. So to make your training sessions more exciting, you can explore the game's various stages. Among these are the long-range stage, room stage, short-range stage, and more!

There's nothing to lose when you practice your aiming and shooting skills with Aim Trainer. Compared to playing actual shooting games where you need to worry about the number of lives, time limits, ammo, enemies, and even choice of weapons, this game does not let you worry about all these Why so?

Well, primarily because this game is just your training ground. For uninterrupted sessions, you have to get unlimited ammo and unlimited life. There aren't even enemies in this game, only targets. All you need to do is to aim precisely and shoot these targets.

So enjoy the thrill and excitement that you’ll feel when you play the Aim Trainer unlocked game! Download a free Aim Trainer and see how well your aim will be in the weeks to come.

Game Features

If you want to practice your aiming and shooting skills, then train yourself in Aim Trainer. Although it is actually a game of its own, it is a highly recommended one for players who are looking to master their shooting skills. With its innovative features, developers of this game are working hard to achieve the ultimate purpose – to help you aim with precision so you can shoot better.

There are so many things to explore when you play this 3D aim trainer game. And since this game is only made for practice, you can widely take advantage of its features. There are no enemies for you to kill and there are no timers to pressure you. It does have a Timed Mode if you want to simulate time pressure, but this is optional.

The ultimate purpose of this game is to provide you a training ground where you can simply practice your aim so you can become a better shooter for FPS and other shooting games!

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Customizable Controls

One thing that’s great about this free Aim Trainer is that you have the power to control the settings. You can control the horizontal and vertical sensitivity of your mouse, scope magnification, in-game buttons, and more. This is created to simulate actual touch/sensitivity controls of other FPS games. It also helps you aim and shoot according to controls and settings that are more comfortable for you.

Despite these basic mouse controls, you can also customize how you want to practice. These controls include the time, your target number of kills, stage, and the target. Now, for targets, you can simply choose if you want them to be moving or not. With these customizable controls, it’ll help you adjust your pacing and level of difficulty.

Easy to Play

Last but definitely not the least, one feature that makes this the best aim trainer game is that it’s absolutely easy to play. Even if you aren’t a gamer or if you’re just starting out to play FPS and other shooter games, it’s easy for you to navigate and practice this game. And that is definitely because this game is straightforward and simple!

It’s like you’re playing card games, except that you’re practicing your aims and shoots. With this game, there’s no excuse for you to lose easily when playing shooting games. If you want to become an aim-and-shoot master, download Aim Trainer unblocked now!


Are you choosing this game to master your aiming skills? Well, you’re definitely making a good choice. Like what was said before, Aim Trainer isn’t just your typical aim training game. Given the great features that you’ll be experiencing in this game, it’s on another level compared to your typical training games. Above all, it’s meant to be easy to play for first-time gamers who are very unfamiliar about aiming and shooting.

Now that we’ve mentioned that this game is easy to play, you will probably find it simple to navigate too. But if you are cautious, and you want to make sure that you won’t mess up, you should follow this helpful guide.

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Step 1: Setting up your controls

When you open the game, one of the menus that you’ll see firsthand is the controls. There, you can choose which mode you’d like to play. You can choose from either ranked mode or custom mode. If you wish not to compete with other players, you may select the custom mode tab.

Once you've selected the custom mode tab, there are four things that you'll need to adjust: time, kills, stage, and target. Time is where you get to adjust how many seconds or minutes you should allow yourself to hit your targets. Now, you can only time yourself once you've checked the box next to the time scale. If it's left unchecked, then you will not be timed. Keep in mind that you can time yourself for more than 60 seconds.

If you have adjusted the time, go to kills. Kills is where you get to input your target kills for the time you’ve set. Now, there’s no limit to how many kills you wish to target. Just make sure that it’s a realistic goal for you!

Now, let’s talk about the stage. In this game, there are more than five stages for you to enjoy. You just have to select which stage you’d prefer on the drop-down menu.

Last are the targets. Just like stages, you have more options to choose among which targets you want for the game. If you want it to move, simply check the box found beside the target drop-down menu.

Step 2: Adjust your mouse settings

Before you play the game, you should always see to it that you adjust the mouse settings. Mouse settings are very important if you want to aim accurately as possible.

If you want to set your mouse settings, simply go to the Settings icon found on the top left side of the game’s start-up menu. Once you’ve clicked it, you’ll find four mouse settings for you to adjust: horizontal sensitivity, vertical sensitivity, scope magnification, and in-game buttons. Once you’re done adjusting these settings, click on the arrow to save.

You can also adjust the size of the shoot and aim buttons. You just have to drag the slider and find which size is comfortable for you. Once you’re satisfied with it, click on the arrow to save. If you want to reset it to its original size, click on the reset button found on the top left corner.

Step 3: Play the game

Once you’re done customizing the game and the mouse settings, you can now practice your aims and shoots! Keep in mind that this game can be viewed in 360 degrees. So, you may want to use your mouse to view the whole area from left to right.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to master your aim and shooting skills, download Aim Trainer now. It’s free!

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Knowledge Base

When playing shooting or battle royale games, one of the must-have skills that you need to master is shooting and aiming. It’s the skill that can take you to greater heights. It’s where you can have more enemy kills and win team/individual matches. Think about it, the best gun is still going to be useless when you don’t know how to use it or shoot flawlessly with it, right?

So if you’re a beginner, it’s understandable why you want to play shooter training games like the Aim Trainer. But before you proceed playing, you might want to know some tips and tricks first when it comes to aiming and shooting precisely. Note that these are also general tips, and it can also apply to other shooting games as well.

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Know your mouse sensitivity

One of the most important aspects to consider if you want to master your aim is to find the best mouse sensitivity. Knowing the right sensitivity for your mouse is necessary if you want to aim better.

For most pro gamers, they would rather prefer to have their mouse’s sensitivity low than high. It’s because low sensitivity helps make their aim and handling more precise and easier. Apart from that, it helps make your aim more stable and reliable, since you’re taking more control over the mouse’s sensitivity controls.

But that is just the general preference. Ultimately, the level of your mouse sensitivity should depend on what you are most comfortable with. Whether you’re comfortable with high or low sensitivity, go ahead. Just see to it that it makes aiming and shooting easier for you.

Understanding the importance of crosshair placement

Just like shooting real guns, crosshair placement is important so you can direct your aim precisely, especially if you’re shooting from a distance. Basically, you will always need to rely on it for better aim consistency.

There are two things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to crosshair placement: First, you must always place the crosshair on head height. Second, keep the crosshair close to the wall.

For most shooting games like PUBG, headshots are more preferable. It helps you kill opponents easily. Whatever type of weapon you use, one shot is enough to kill a player if you go for the head. So, if you have a hard time getting used to placing your crosshair on the opponent’s head, just keep on practicing using free aim trainer games.

If you want to get higher chances of killing an opponent while peeping on walls, make sure to keep your crosshair placement near the walls. However, do keep in mind that you should always maintain a one-inch gap between the wall and your crosshair placement. This way, you don’t have to make major changes in placement when an opponent appears surprisingly.

Practice your aims

If you already found the right mouse sensitivity that you’re comfortable with, and if you have also found the best DPI, it’s time for you to practice your aims! Needless to say, you are ready for Aim Trainer. In this training game, you have the ability to change the sensitivity of your mouse and the scope magnification. You also have the chance to choose targets!

Once you get to play Aim Trainer, it's a good way for you to practice better crosshair placement, better weapon handling, and aiming. Overall, it helps improve your muscle memory. So if you like FPS and shooting games, but you still need to improve on your aiming and shooting skills, Aim Trainer is a great training ground!