Advances in Information Geometry

16-20 March 2020, at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan


15 Jan. 2020, "Programme" page is open

10 Jan. 2020, The details of the Springer journal Information Geometry special issue for AIG2020 are announced.

31 Dec. 2019, Closed abstract submission.

30 Dec. 2019, Closed banquet registration

About the Conference

With the development of data science today, the importance of information geometry in mathematical science has been recognized again. The purpose of this international conference is to exchange recent developments in information geometry and to establish its theoretical foundations in related fields. We will discuss the development of information geometry through invited lectures by leading researchers working in mathematics, machine learning, statistics, and quantum information theory, as well as short talks and poster presentations.


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Invited Speakers

Shun-ichi Amari, RIKEN Center for Brain Science

Nihat Ay, Max Plank Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

David Collins, Colorado Mesa University

Marco Cuturi, Google Brain and CREST - ENSAE

Shinto Eguchi, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Akio Fujiwara, Osaka University

Hideyuki Ishi, Osaka City University

Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan, RIKEN AIP

Fumiyasu Komaki, The University of Tokyo

Takeru Matsuda, The University of Tokyo

Aditya Menon, Google

Milan Mosonyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Hiroshi Nagaoka, The University of Electro-Communications

Frank Nielsen, Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.

Sebastian Nowozin, Google AI

Minh Ha Quang, RIKEN AIP

Mahito Sugiyama, National Institute of Informatics

Asuka Takatsu, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Ting-Kam Leonard Wong, University of Toronto

Jun Zhang, University of Michigan


Pierre Alquier, RIKEN AIP

Goffredo Chirco, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Domenico Felice, MPI MiS - Leipzig

Petru Hlihor, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology and MPI MiS

Hector Hortua, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Deepika Kumari, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Luigi Malagò, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Hidemasa Oda, The University of Tokyo

Michiko Okudo, The University of Tokyo

Akifumi Okuno, RIKEN AIP

Tomasz Rutkowski, RIKEN AIP

Hidetoshi Shimodaira, Kyoto University

Tasuku Soma, The University of Tokyo

Junichi Takeuchi, Kyushu University

Fuyuhiko Tanaka, Osaka University

Koichi Tojo, RIKEN AIP

Csongor-Huba Varady, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology, MPI MiS

Riccardo Volpi, Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Tatsuaki Wada, Ibaraki University

Programme Committee

Takafumi Kanamori, Tokyo Institute of Technology and RIKEN AIP

Kei Kobayashi, Keio University

Hiroshi Matsuzoe, Nagoya Institute of Technology - chair

Takashi Takenouchi, Future University of Hakodate and RIKEN AIP

Fuyuhiko Tanaka, Osaka University

Organizing Committee

Masayuki Henmi, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Hideitsu Hino, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Shiro Ikeda, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics - chair


August 2019, web page open

December 2019, registration open

16 -20 March 2020, conference


The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan


Research Organization of Information and Systems

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

JSPS (KAKENHI) grant number 17H01793


Springer journal Information Geometry is planning to have a special issue for AIG2020. Find the details here.