Accepted Papers

  • "Amnesia" - Towards Machine Learning Models That Can Forget User Data Very Fast. Sebastian Schelter (New York University) [pdf]
  • Estimating Filtered Group-By Queries is Hard: Deep Learning to the Rescue. Andreas Kipf (TUM); Michael J Freitag (TUM); Dimitri Vorona (TUM); Peter Boncz (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica); Thomas Neumann (TUM); Alfons Kemper (TUM) [pdf]
  • 3 Lessons Learned from Implementing a Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Data Exploration. Amit Somech (Tel Aviv University); Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University); Ori Barel (Tel Aviv University) [pdf]
  • Demonstrating Semantic SQL Queries over Relational Data using the AI-Powered Database. Jose Neves (IBM Systems); Rajesh Bordawekar (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center); Elpida Tzortzatos (IBM Systems) [pdf]
  • Accelerating B+tree Search by Using Simple Machine Learning Techniques. Anisa Llavesh (TUM); Utku Sirin (EPFL); Robert West (EPFL); Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL) [pdf]
  • Towards Model-based Approximate Query Processing. Moritz Kulessa (TU Darmstadt); Benjamin Hilprecht (TU Darmstadt); Alejandro Molina (TU Darmstadt); Carsten Binnig (TU Darmstadt); Kristian Kersting (TU Darmstadt) [pdf]