Artificial Intelligence

and Social Good

Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dramatically increased in recent years and AI has been successfully applied to societal challenge problems. It has a great potential to provide tremendous social good in the future.

This website aims to

  • Provide information related to AI and Social Good
  • Promote research efforts towards AI and Social Good: Research Expedition
  • Highlight social good challenges that are in need of AI research effort: Social Good Challenges
  • Foster collaboration among researchers and practitioners
  • Provide resources to researchers and students who are interested in AI and Social Good


    • Protect wildlife from poaching
    • Provide randomized patrol routes to combat poaching
    • Key AI Techniques: game theory, spatio-temporal analysis, human behavior modeling, optimization

    • Using Social Networks to Spread Health Based Information
    • Key AI Techniques: sequential decision making, stochastic optimization

Wildlife Corridor Design

    • Protect endangered wildlife such as Andean bears in a significant biodiversity hotspot, while improving livelihoods of local communities
    • Plan cost-effective joint movement corridors for wildlife
    • Key AI Techniques: stochastic optimization, spatio-temporal modeling.

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