Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

How Data Science is Related to Artificial Intelligence?

What do you understand by data science?

Data science involves the extraction of information from data in several forms that include structured and unstructured data. This field in its process uses techniques such as mathematics, machine learning, and visualizations. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence and valued information from huge amounts of data.

Types of Big Data

  • Structured: The type of data that is available for the process, storage, and retrieval in a specific form. It denotes data that is arranged in an organized format and able to store and access from a particular database with the help of using basic algorithms. This information is organized in manner and available for access to the users. For example, the list of employees in the company is available and present in the system in an organized manner.

  • Unstructured: This type of data lacks any fixed format and does not contain any structure. It takes lots of time and effort to process this sort of data and provide any type of analysis for the unstructured data. One of many examples of unstructured data is emails.

  • Semi-structured: This data is a mixture form of both structured and unstructured data. It contains a class of information in a format in addition to the data that is not in a precise and structured form.

There are many tools used for the analysis of big data that are used to analyze the data and provide beneficial information. It helps the organization to reach an informed and useful decision making. They collect data from various sources to provide insightful information and remove irrelevant information. It helps organizations to stay ahead of their competitors. At present every organization is using big data ranging from healthcare, education, banking, information technology and many more.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology based on multiple disciplines and it includes the development of computer functions similar to human intelligence. It is a field of computer science that comprises of development of machines that can work and think and perform activities like humans. Some of the activities are like speech recognition, problem-solving, learning. We can say that it deals with building intelligent machines.

The artificially intelligent machines are capable to learn from the external data and put the learning into applications and takes decisions and achieve the pre-decided goals, in the same as a level of human intelligence.

Classification of Artificial Intelligence

  • General AI: This refers to the application of artificial intelligence on the machines with the aim of the machine performing many tasks and involves in many activities that also includes thinking and reasoning.
  • Narrow AI: This category refers to the application of artificial intelligence to perform specific and particular tasks.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

This technology has a very wide application in several sectors. Some of them are explained below.

  • Speech recognition: The machines and intelligent systems are capable of understanding and recognize the speech and language, much like to humans. It is capable of understanding different accents and other fluctuations in the speech.

  • Gaming: The artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in many games, primarily in the board games such as chess games, card games that includes many possible numbers of conclusions and positions based on analytical knowledge.

  • Vision system: These intelligent machines comprehend and analyze the visuals that are available for interpreting. It can be put to use in various fields such as software for police to recognize faces and many other aspects.

  • Intelligent robots: Intelligent machines and robots are created to analyze the data and learn from it and they apply it to the real situations and in fulfilling the tasks and goals.

  • Both artificial intelligence and Big are entirely different from each other. Both are entirely different things, the AI includes the development of machines that can act and take decisions like human whereas big data deals with the volume of data and to structure it to be beneficial to put to use.


Both of these technologies can work very effectively. The big data process the volumes of data and from various sources, here artificial intelligence uses this volume of data to study and learn from the pattern and structure so that the machines can learn and evolve. Although both Big data and artificial intelligence are different they can go hand in hand for development and improvement in the future systems.