Rob Weisman


Rob's son Ross was in the 2003 production of Twelve Angry Jurors. At the time we didn’t think of taking photos for family and posterity. Rob was a professional photographer. From that point forward, he vowed to support AHSTS by taking photos of every show. And that he did. Starting with Anything Goes in 2004 Rob photographed AHSTS productions, free of charge. Rob came back year after year, photographing 29 productions and cementing them in our memories. He always looked forward to coming to take photos. We would talk about how the kids were growing as performers. He would watch intently, enjoying the students’ antics on and off stage. His photos line the walls of the Drama Room and fill our website. His photos fill the albums of hundreds of AHSTS family members. He was as much a part of AHSTS as the performers on stage and the crew backstage. He was kind and generous person. There are no words to express the gratitude AHSTS owes him and the sadness we feel at his passing.