AHSTS Awards

AHSTS Adviser Awards

Theatrical Society Adviser Awards recognize that although the productions are about collaboration, there are individual efforts that stand out as models of excellence.

Awards for Outstanding Performance

This award recognizes a performance-onstage or backstage-that was exceptional. These recipients stood out, rose to the occasion, and did a masterful job in their vocation.

Awards for Outstanding Professionalism

This award recognizes outstanding displays of professionalism. These recipients showed exceptional responsibility, dedication, empathy, and leadership.

Awards for Outstanding Improvement

This award recognizes performances—onstage or backstage—that showed remarkable improvement. These recipients worked incredibly hard and advanced noticeably in the execution of their craft.

Theatrical Society Adviser Excellence Award

This award recognizes one person in a production that is the embodiment of all that Theatrical Society represents---professionalism, hard work, and quality. This recipient is the best of the best—a role model, a leader, humble and dedicated to his or her craft.

MVP Awards

Each year the membership gives two awards to graduating seniors who they believe have best represented AHSTS and its Mission.