team cinch

team cinch criteria

Team Cinch is identified based on defined criteria provided by Nationals:

  1. Student cannot be an upperclassman when they competed at the state finals (prior year).
  2. Student has to have finished in their state finals in 8th position or higher.
  3. Student has to be in good standings academically.
  4. Student must have declared/joined NHSRA or NHSRA junior division by September 15, 2019.

One student is selected per individual event. Selection is based on a specific order of events provided by Nationals.

  • For Ribbon Roping - select the first boy and first girl who meet all other criteria and his/her partner. IF one of the partners does not meet criteria, move down the list to the next team. If you select one person from the other team and the partner meets the criteria, select the other person as well (which may result in 3 members).
  • For Team Roping - work through the same eligibility process described above. If you select one-half of a team, and the partner is not selected due to eligibility or having been selected previously, move down the list to the next person. You repeat this process up to twice, for a boy(s) and girl(s).
  • If the State All Around Champion has not been previously selected, select them.
  • Include All National Student Officers

A team member can be on BOTH the Rodeo team and the Shooting team.

rodeo team cinch - ahsra

Emma Watts - Queen

Josey Hussey

Ashley Henderson - Girl Captain

Joanna Hammett

Jessie Steele

Ty Singleton - Boy Captain

Casey Roberts

Cade Smith

Thomas Glisson

Colton Allen

Wyatt Allen

Rodeo team cinch - ajhsra

Mackenzie Roberts - Girl Captain

Tucker Wilks - Boy Captain

Treyton Faulk

Eli Day

shooting team cinch - ahsra

Sage Davis - Girl Captain

Drew Clukey - Boy Captain

Each Jr. High and High School Division student will receive 1 shirt. Team Captains will receive a patch in addition to the shirt. You are also provided 1 Cinch Jeans certificate and optional order forms for additional Cinch Team shirts and jeans, that will be mailed directly to the student.