Andrew Hanlon


About me

I am currently a John Wesley Young Research Instructor at Dartmouth College.  Here is my CV (last updated December 2023).


I study homological mirror symmetry and its applications to symplectic topology, algebraic geometry, and other related areas. My work focuses on developing a thorough understanding of homological mirror symmetry for toric varieties and the partially wrapped Fukaya categories of their mirrors in order to study mirror symmetry more generally and achieve new applications. I am additionally interested in the general theory of (Fukaya categories of) symplectic manifolds equipped with holomorphic functions. These often serve as mirrors to varieties equipped with an anticanonical divisor, as in the case of toric mirror symmetry.

See my publications and preprints for more specific results. 

My research is supported by the National Science Foundation through award DMS-2404882.


During the Summer 2024 term, I am not teaching, but I am running an undergradute research program for Dartmouth students jointly with Ina Petkova.

 If you have questions about or want content from a course that I previously taught, please contact me via email.