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AgroCrafty is a Nigerian Digital Agriculture Platform that empowers farmers and Agropreneurs by providing them with information, training on modern farming techniques and a market for the sale of their farm produce. This gives the farmers the capacity to optimise their farming activities, and by extension leads to increased food production and security in Nigeria, and Africa.


We are committed to expanding our reach in order to continue to empower farmers, positively impact their lives and their families while boosting food production and sustainability in Nigeria and beyond.

Having fun allows us to be flexible and also creates an enabling environment since all Work and no Play dampen our creative talents.

Empowering local farmers is our priority and a way of contributing to increasing domestic food production and security.

About The Director

Mr David Grant Nwokocha


I have Bachelor of Agricultural Technology with Honors in the field of Agricultural Economics and Extension.

During my degree project, I was opportune to witness first hand activities and research within the field of Rural Economics, and the greatest part of my work was devoted to the collection of primary data and microeconomic econometric (panel data) analysis. I sought to establish why and how farmers' demography affected their farming decisions.

As part of my studies and training, I participated in various professional projects and training; one involved a yearlong training at farms and agricultural firms at Jordan valley Israel.

These training and other agro-related projects that I had been involved have provided me with an opportunity to work closely with agro-allied industry personnel and strengthen my interest and knowledge in this area. Thus, it is always with pleasure that I look forward to embarking on a professional career in agriculture and its extension aspect.

I believe that I can contribute to the development of The Nigerian agricultural industry, and pioneering Agriculture Consultant services that focuses on community-based sustainable agriculture and food safety.

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Ugu Farming Business In Nigeria

Ugu farming business is yet another great opportunity for you in the agricultural sector of Nigeria. This fluted pumpkin popularly called Ugu is the highest consumed vegetable in Nigeria at the moment. This can only tell you of the market demand and the profitability of ugu farming business in Nigeria. Lots of people in time past were only cultivation this pumpkin leaf ( ugu) on the subsistence level. You should know that a number of Nigerian farmers are currently making millions from commercial ugu farming in Nigeria.

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