We produce honey together our local partners . Visit our online store.


Our bees contribute to improve plant health at the same time they provide our guests with honey (above our honey).You can help us preserve Bees by buyiing our honey.


We continuously monitor our bees with HostaBee


We produce grapes and wine together with our local partners (below one of our wines). Visit our online store.

SilĂȘncio do Colmeal - DOC Beira Interior

Wine developed in colaboration with Adega Cooperativa de Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo

The Chefs Wine

Wine developed in partnership with Chef Vitor Claro



Our contribution for generations to come are the plantations of Pyrenean Oak and Cork Oak. Not only they will produce revenue in the long term, they will also improve wild life (aboveone of our Pyrenean oak).


Our forest is certified through the standards of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).


We share our beautiful farm with hundreds of guests from all over the world, that visit us every year (below one of our rooms)

visit our hotel:


Our rooms


Our village tnasformed in hotel.


We use our great sun to produce electric energy and to heat water to our guests. We also use the plentiful forest biomass to heat water and to heat our guest from the hard winter cold (below our solar panels).

Solar Electric Energy

We sell electric energy to the grid


We provide a TESLA electric vehicle charging for our visiting guests

Biomass energy

We use wood chips from Colmeal forest maintenance in our biomass boilers

Solar water heating

We also use the sun to heat water


We manage both drinking water and irrigation water to guarantee constant supply all year around (below our reservoir).

Wild life

We provide sanctuary to the wild life with strategic placement of water and food.

Our Birds

Birds seen in Quinta do Colmeal and published in EBIRD (

Conservation of West Iberia project

Activities in Quinta do Colmeal of the Society of Fincas for the Conservation of Western Iberia (link)

Networking & Research

We are looking for partnerships and knowledge to improve our practices.

AFINET meeting

30 January 2018 Lisbon (

GO SilvPast meeting

24 November 2018 Colmeal (link)

Member of TP Organics

TP Organics aims at strengthen research & innovation for organics and other agroecological approaches that contribute to sustainable food and farming systems.


PRODER has been a strategic and financial tool for sustainable Agriculture activities in Colmeal