Please note the two tabs at the top of this page: "The Long Version" and "The Short Version". If what you read on this page makes sense to you, we encourage you to read the Long Version as well because it is more about the philosophy of how we go about what we do and whether we will be a good fit to work together.


Our business has two bookends. On the one end, we are a Recruiting and Marketing organization. On the other end, we are a Learning and Teaching Community. Very simply, we use different methods of outreach to expose people to what we do and spend the time to educate them through their decision-making process.

When they "agree" with our business model and choose to come on board, we then teach what we do - with the goal of creating a Community of fully competent and successful small business owners. This process is explained much more extensively in "The Long Version".


We operate in a very thin slice of the Affiliate Marketing industry, using a portfolio of [Member to Member, Direct Pay] offers and [Subscription] offers. These offers range from $100 to $2000 with higher levels that are (typically) "earned into" through earnings.


The broad stroke of who we work with is anyone who wants or needs more money. However, we focus on highly specific market segments with highly tailored methods of outreach exposing each segment to what we do.


We are seeking to work with sensible, practical, responsible adults. If what is on this page appeals to your sensibilities, please read the Long Version.

Otherwise, if you immediately want to move to the next step, you should have the contact information (typically an email) of the person who referred you to this site.

In the subject line of your email, simply say "More Info" and provide your contact information in the body. We will reach out to you with Phase 2 instructions that will enable us to get to know each other as a starting point.

Thanks for the privilege of your time in reading this page.