“Even though we are the ones being saved because God is preeminent our salvation is really for His sake—not ours.”

This book will reveal to you—

    • What protestant Christianity is not telling you that could cause you to be rejected by God and cast straight into hell upon your death.
    • Why our motivation for salvation is essential (all important) to our receiving forgiveness for our sins.
    • What salvation, at a deeper level, is really all about. It is primarily about God receiving His benefits in our salvation even though it is mankind that is being saved.
    • Why God receiving His benefits from our salvation is primary and foundational and must occur before any of the benefits for mankind in our salvation even exist for us to have. We cannot selfishly seek salvation for the benefits we will experience such as to escape eternal punishment in Hell, or to gain the pleasures of Heaven… God is primary. Man is secondary. Selfishly seeking after salvation for our benefits is idolatry with “self” as the “idol”. We must submit to His rightful lordship, and come submissively to God with our motivation being for Him to receive His benefits and then, and only then, can He bless us with the side benefits for us in our salvation.