Passion-Based Learning

Learning Based On Passions & Aptitudes

In a system where cookie-cutter education does not cut it, we are creating a system of learning that caters to the needs and interests of each individual student.

Instructional methods being used in most secondary classrooms are not preparing students with skills that are consistent with current industry needs. However, classrooms that utilize a student-centered approach where learners show mastery of objectives by learning the content through a lens of passion and aptitudes, empower students to take ownership of their growth and connect their learning to relevant, real-world experiences.

We Are More Than a Test

Foundational Pillars

In our efforts to transform the learning process, we turned to Google's Culture of Innovation Guide. They say, "The culture of a school or district can either encourage beneficial change, or it can get in the way." The foundations of Curiosity, Agency, Risk-taking and Collaboration have helped our teachers and students embrace change and learn from their successes and failures along the way.

At the beginning of 2019, our teachers dove into these pillars with students, learning about what this looks like at our school. Students routinely reflect upon these pillars using Flipgrid to document their growth in these areas. Consequently, when these students shifted to a remote learning environment no contact was lost. This is attributed to the intentional development of student agency from day 1.

About the Teams

We currently have two passion-based learning teams on campus - a three woman 6th grade team and a 4-teacher 8th grade team. What makes these teams unique is that they are scheduled into a true teaming environment where all teachers teach the same group of students. The 8th grade team has a dedicated team time (in addition to conference) to plan, collaborate, learn, and conference with students. 6th grade's schedule is a bit more challenging, but fewer students on the team has allowed for flexibility in scheduling throughout the day.

Below is the breakdown of students we have in the two grade levels.

*.10 gifted is actually 0

Things We're Working On

Standards Based Grading

Culturally Responsive Teaching