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Plant-parasitic Nematode Assay Services

Test / Description

N1 / Complete Nematode Assay – extraction, genera identification & count

N2 / N1 + Root-knot nematode species ID

N3 / Roots/Plant material Assay – extraction, genera identification & count

N4 / Irrigation water testing – extraction, genera identification & count

N5 / Extras: Nematode species-specific identification

N6 / Cyst extraction & count

N7 / Potato tuber analysis for Root-knot nematodes (M. chitwoodi / M. hapla)

N8 / Onion/Garlic/Tulip bulbs analysis for Stem & Bulb nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci)

Tests for Soil-borne Fungal Diseases (Molecular Diagnostics Services)

Available tests include:

Verticillium – Pythium – Fusarium – Phytophthora – Rhizoctonia – Phoma – Armillaria – Alternaria

also, multiple tests like:

  • Pythium + Fusarium
  • Vert + Pythium + Fusarium
  • Vert + Pythium + Fusarium + Phytophthora

For example in potato fields, soilborne disease complex that affect crop development include Rhizoctonia canker, black dot, potato early dying (Verticillium wilt) and numerous nematodes. Soilborne disease complex that affect tuber quality include common scab, powdery scab, pink rot, leak, black dot, black scurf, root-knot nematode, and Fusarium dry rot.

With knowing the type of pathogens in a particular field and their levels of threat, disease complex can be managed by the integration of crop rotation, cultural practices, host resistance and agrochemicals.

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