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Paul has trained over 1000 satisfied customers in the Kansas City area. He is a member of Agilehood KC, a group dedicated to growing agility in the Kansas City metropolitan area. He is also a member of the Agile Kansas City user group. He has been a member of an international Scrum team to determine content for the Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings. Paul has given presentations at global Scrum Gatherings, the PMI PDD conference and LeanAgile KC 2015 in addition to local user groups, boards, foundations and companies.

Paul has vast experience at training, building and growing teams. He has trained many disciplines in the use of agility including Legal, Marketing, Operations and Sales teams to use the Agile philosophy and framework. Individuals and teams that have taken his training have increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Paul teaches teams to leverage Agility as a business strategy to meet today's challenges. Agile can be used to effectively transform any individual, family, team or an entire enterprise regardless of the type of products and services they deliver. You can follow Paul on Twitter @AgileFamilyGuy.

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2017

Lots of excitement and 20 more kids converted to using Agile at home for school and life balance. Agile wisdom and life balance from Ashlyn and Kelsi Carter shared with other children.

As Ashlyn (age 12) expresses: "On Your Mark, is of course, the backlog of all the stuff I want to do - prioritized. Get Set, that is my weekly Sprint plan. Go! is how we limit work in progress and get more done - this is what I am doing today. Then, let's reward our success and celebrate at the end of the week when we see how much we have pulled across the finish line!"

And Kelsi, age 8, expressed "The daily stand up keeps you on track. It helps you stay committed and get stuff done. I always like to add a donuts with dad user story on my individual board. We also use a family board at home for chores, projects and family activities."

Most exciting was hearing back from delighted parents 2 weeks later on how their children are embracing an Agile framework (Scrum/Kanban) and principles for happy, balanced families.

The kids glued the Agile Kids Manifesto to a manila folder and made portable Kidban boards!

We are uncovering better ways of doing work and having fun by doing it and helping others do it and through this we have come to value:

  • You can do it, we will help
  • Talk it out
  • Work together to figure it out
  • It's better together
  • Make people happy
  • Do it well
  • Do it fast
  • Get it done
  • Keep it simple
  • Change is good
  • Steady wins the race
  • Pause, assess & improve

Kid manifesto authored by Whitney Vanderstel, influenced by the

My Agile Family (Mom is Product Owner - she sets priority, accepts results and helps the team understand acceptance criteria of user stories!)