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Built-For-You Agency Automation

The Key to Your Time Freedom

If you Want to MAKE MORE TIME for Yourself, Family & Friend while Growing Your Agency


You Simply Want to GET MORE DONE without sitting in front of your computer all day

Then, Watch the Video to Learn the 5-step process for Building Automation into your Agency. And How to Automate Effectively. So that you are not wasting time while trying to save time

How Automation Help You Achieve More in Life?

Automation makes your business dramatically more efficient, which enable you to create more time for what matters most. My name is Nur, a software integration specialist and I enjoy creating automations.

I Help Sales & Marketing Agency Owners Make their Businesses More Efficient by Automating their Business Processes without having to waste time trying on their own.

What automations tools I'm good at?

=> Zapier & IFTTT

To convert your manual agency processes into automated workflows, I need to understand your SOPs in details and access to your Zapier account and software apps. So to secure your agency data, we will chat over Telegram.

Telegram enable us to have a secret chat (means we cannot forward the message or take a screenshot) and you can choose to automatically destroy all of our chat data within 1 second to 1 week. Sounds good? Let's begin today!

Having trouble to find me on Telegram? Let me know on twitter

Here is Why You Want to Automate Your Agency

There are millions of menial works you can automate.

Here are just a few examples to help inspire you:

  1. Automate your social media presence by sending new RSS items from your blog to Facebook as posts...

  2. Stay in touch with prospects by adding form respondents from Typeform directly to your mailing list in MailChimp...

  3. Make sure your team never misses a meeting by notifying a channel in Slack of upcoming Google Calendar events…

  4. Automatically add Leads to your CRM, enable you to response quickly to clients. Increase your chance to win