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European Network of Early Career Agricultural Economists

We meet online once a month (join for details)

We organize meetings on early career related topics for agricultural economists.

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Submit your work and join our 1st in-person AgEconMeeting seminar. Find more info here

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to strengthen the future generation of agricultural economists in Europe. We facilitate early-career development for researchers who work on agrifood topics (agricultural economics and related fields such as environmental, development, and food economics or sciences). Everyone is welcome to join, irrespective of their (academic) age, nationality, position, or research topic—if they self-identify as an early-career agricultural economist or would like to interact with those who do.

In our monthly online meetings, we unravel the hidden curriculum of agricultural economics in terms of job market preparation, networking, publishing, upcoming methods and data, and acquiring research funding. We provide an informal platform to exchange ideas, share experiences, and meet colleagues at other institutions, for example at the main agricultural economics conferences.

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Join our email list via https://groups.google.com/g/ageconmeet. Note that a (free) Google account is required to join, but you can later select the email address to receive messages under Account Settings.

Next events

05/10/22 - 07/10/22 - AgEconMeeting: 185th EAAE seminar on Early Career Development of Agricultural Economists in Europe, Göttingen, Germany. More info here

Past events

31/05/22 - Online Workshop (4-5pm CET): SDG discussion series: Land Degradation (SDG 15 Life on Land). Alisher Mirzabaev (Uni Bonn), Angela Doku (Uni Chicago)

04/04/22 - In-person happy hour (5-6 pm): Informal networking session at the 2022 Agricultural Economics Society Meeting in Leuven. Register for conference here

28/03/22 - Online Workshop (4-5pm CET): Kick-off or SDG discussion series: Gender Equality (SDG 5). Talip Kilic (World Bank, slides), Michael Keenan (Wageningen University and Research, slides), and Goedele van den Broeck (UC Louvian, slides).

22/02/22 - Online Workshop (12-1pm): Reaching out to policy makers. Marc Duponcel (Head of Sector, Research, DG AGRI ) and Marie-Luise Rau (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany) (slides here).

27/01/22 - Online Happy-New-Year Happy Hour (4-5pm): AgEconMeet Agenda of 2022.

30/11/21 - Online Workshop (12-1pm): North-South Partnerships and capacity building. Miet Maertens (KU Leuven) and Goytom Abraha Kahsay (University of Copenhagen)

04/10/21 - Online Workshop (4-5pm): Publishing in top agricultural and applied economics journals - Speakers: Jutta Roosen (Co-Editor @ Food Policy, Professor @ TU Munich) & Marc F. Bellemare (Editor @ the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Professor at the University of Minnesota)

01/09/21 - Online Workshop (12-1pm): Ins and outs of obtaining research funding - Speakers: Rachael Garrett (Professor at ETH Zürich) & Miranda Meuwissen (Professor at Wageningen University & Research) (slides Rachael)

27/07/21 - Online Workshop (5pm): Conducting and Publishing interdisciplinary research - Speakers: Yang Xia (Senior Editor @Nature Communications for economics) & Michael White (Senior Editor @Nature for climate science)

09/06/21 - Online Lunch Workshop (12-1 CET): Open Methods & Data - Speakers: Robert Finger (ETH Zürich) & Jens Rommel (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences ) (slides Jens) (slides Robert)

27/05/21 - Online Lunch Workshop (12-1 CET): Mentoring - Speakers: Diogo Monjardino De Souza Monteiro (Newcastle University) & Helena Hansson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences )

04/05/21 - Online Lunch Workshop (12-1 CET): Publishing in general interest journals - Speakers Matin Qaim (Göttingen University) & David Wüpper (ETH Zürich)

30/03/21 - Happy hour at the AES conferences 18.15 - 19.15

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