Trainee Questions

WOT 2 Questionnaire

Today is _______ (date)

Multiple Choice/Fill in the Blank: (Circle option or Write in the answer)

  1. I received shots. The worst one was ________________
  2. The weather is:

a) Hot

b) Cold

c) Windy

d) Good when it’s not hot/cold or windy.

3. Food is:

a) Terrific

b) Bad

c) I don’t know – I’m afraid I’ll get yelled at if I get it wrong.

4. How many are in your FLT? ____

5. How fast can you disassemble and Reassemble your M16?

6. On a scale from 1- 10 (1 is bad. 10 is excellent), how is your flight doing? _________

7. Have you been assigned jobs yet? If so, what is yours? Do you like it?

8. Graduation weekend, do you want us to try to get a hotel on base or get one off base?

9. Have you heard others talk about the AF WingMom fb page? I’m loving it! Let your fellow trainees knows to tell their families all about it so they can join too!

10. What is the one thing the flight gets yelled at for the most?

WOT 3 Questionnaire

Today is _______ (date)

1. Last night I got to bed at ________________AM and slept for ____________ Minutes/Hours.

2. Is anyone in the same career Field that you are going into? Who?

3. What have you liked the best about BMT?

4. What have you disliked the most about BMT?

5. 10. For my last fitness test I did _______ push-ups, ________ sit ups, and I did my 1½ mile run in ___________ minutes.

6. If 100% is where you’d want to be, and your best potential, Right now how do you feel:

Physically? _____ %

Emotionally? _____ %

Spiritually? _____%

Mentally? _____%

7. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?

8. What church are you going to? What time is church?

9. Is anyone in your flight not getting mail that I could write to?

10. Which piece of clothing is hardest to fold/roll/whatever the Air Force way?

a) Socks

b) T-shirts

c) Underwear

d) Towels

WOT 4 Questionnaire

Today is week_______ (date)

1. Have you been able to successfully avoid the snake pit?

a) Yep! Keep your head down and be focused.

b) I've been ok. I escaped relatively unscathed.

c) OMG! I was bitten!

d) other _______________

2. How hard is it to keep your weapon clean?

a) no big deal. I use tons of Q-tips!

b) clean weapon? It doesn't get dirty.

c) OMG – it is a losing battle.

d) other _______________________

3. What is the best part of the day?

a) PT – love to run!

b) bedtime – I collapse at the end of the day.

c) meals – food is great!

d) mail time.

e) other____________________________________________

4. How are you feeling about the upcoming BEAST week?

a) I’m ready. Looking forward to the challenge.

b) I wish I had paid more attention to some of the earlier classes.

c) I can’t stop to think about it.

5. The song I sing in my head most often is … _________________________________________________________

6. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to anyone in your group?

7. What do you think will surprise us most about your ‘transformation’?

8. What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do?

9. Funniest/meanest thing your MTI said this week:

10. Do you have a nickname at BMT? What is it?

WOT 5 Questionnaire

Today is _______ (date)

1. How are you feeling this week?

a) Homesick

b) Physically exhausted

c) Decent

d) Can't keep an Airman down!

2. Is there anyone in your Flight who does not have family/friends coming for Ceremony and needs to be "adopted?"

3. What are you doing well?

a) Folding Clothes

b) Making Bed

c) Marching

d) Eating Fast

4. Are you struggling with anything?

5. How many threads have you clipped?

a) 1

b) 1,000

c) infinity

6. What food do you miss this most, a.k.a what would you like to eat when we are there?

7. Who is your Wingman?

8. How was the gas chamber?


b) I didn't know I had that much snot/mucus, etc. in my body

c) My eyes burned.

d) What? That was supposed to bother me?

e) Other ________________________________

9. What would like to do while on base liberty Graduation week?

10. Where are you standing in your flight picture? Did you order pictures?

WOT 6 Questionnaire

Today is ________ (Date)

1. BEAST week is done. What was your least favorite MRE during BEAST week?

2. In the pugil sticks combat, did you:

a) knock someone on their butt?

b) get knocked on your butt?

c) intimidate?

d) get intimidated?

e) have so much adrenaline it all went by in a blur?

3. Have you:

a) lost weight

b) gained weight

c) stayed the same

d) don't know

4. Which line of the Airman's Creed speaks to you the most?

5. On a scale from 1-10, how well did your FLT do as a team this past week? ______

6. Where are you standing in your formation for grad weekend?

7. Which family member/friend would you like to see go through ZERO week for fun?

8. How do you feel about your final evaluations this week?

a) Should be easy! Feelin’ good.

b) Need work on my WRITTEN / PHYSICAL part

c) Excited to be done

9. When I leave BMT, this is one phrase I never want to hear again! __________________________________________

10. What’s the best advice someone has given you while in Basic?