Computing for Good 2017

About Computing for Good

Computing for Good (C4G) presents Computer Science as a technological platform for improving the quality of life and humans condition. It allows students to apply computing to social and global causes and to see its impact in real terms.

In this course, students work on projects in partnership with communities, non-profits, and government agencies and learn how to design, develop, and deploy technical solutions for real world problems. Examples of topics include but not limited to health, economic development, disaster relief, transportation, infrastructure, education, energy, social service, civic engagement, and public safety.


Fall 2017 Projects

West Homestead Walks Together Community Walking App

Client: West Homestead Borough

Mentor: Afsaneh Doryab

The many physical benefits of walking are commonly known – improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, improved bone density, enhanced muscle tone, better sleep, increased stamina. In older adults, regular walking has been shown to slow age-related memory decline, and lower the incidence of dementia and Alzheimers. And of course, for the more than two-thirds of adults who are overweight or obese, walking can contribute to weight loss and weight maintenance. However, at least one study has found that Americans only walk about half of the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

As a “Live Well Allegheny” Community, West Homestead has been exploring more ways to get residents outside and moving. In addition to a planned non-motorized boat ramp on the Monongahela, Borough officials would like to see more people walking in the community.

Enabling High-Throughput Catalyst Design for Renewable Energy

Client: Zachary Ulissi, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Mentor: Dr. Zachary Ulissi, Dr. Afsaneh Doryab

VR/AR for an African Context

Client: Bruce Krogh, Director, CMU-Africa

Mentor: Dr. Afsaneh Doryab

Matching "In Need" Populations with Online Education Institutions

Client: McNeese State University

Mentor: Dr. Mathew Burkus, Associate Professor, McNeese State University

Risk Prediction Tool for Marginal Farmers

Client: NIRMAN, India and KONAM Foundation, India

Mentor: Dr. Anind Dey

Identifying mining sites in conservation areas from satellite imagery

Client: Fei Fang, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Mentor: Dr. Fei Fang, Dr. Afsaneh Doryab

Agromovil – App platform to sustainably Reduce Post-Harvest Loss in the Developing World

Client: AMGlobal Consulting

Mentor: Dr. Afsaneh Doryab

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