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This website is collection of work by Michael Freeman, a physics teacher at Somerville High School in Somerville, MA.

Feel free to use this content for non-profit educational purposes and buy me a coffee here if you have the means.

Recent Updates

1/20/2024: Update 2D Motion Puck to 2D Spring: Now has a motion trail, and  can switch between following and not following puck.

1/14/2024: Added Reference Frames to Interactives

1/7/2024: Added Car on a Conveyor 1D (Relative Velocity) to Interactives

12/27/2023: Rearranged AP Physics 1 materials section, organized first 3 units better.

11/23/2023: Added v7 of Random Group Generator under Teacher Resources. Includes ability to see if certains pairs of students are in the same group.