My countdown has begun!

In April I'm heading to Kathmandu for sweet adventures with some very special children!

I'll be working with Buds to Blossoms, a pediatric massage volunteer program providing gentle massage to foster children to boost health, well-being and development in orphanages that are home to children with HIV/AIDS and disabilities.

Massage does amazing things, it boosts the immune system, helps develop sensory stimulation, improves skin condition, improves blood circulation and helps digestion. It also promotes relaxation, helps children feel loved, promotes better sleep, and facilitates body awareness that teaches safe touch and empowers children to choose when they want to be touched.

How to help

In order to do this, I need your help. My goal is to raise $2000, which will help support the orphanages and further assist Buds to Blossoms in their humanitarian efforts.

However, I am asking that you let me donate your financial support because my awesome boss will match it dollar per dollar! You will still receive a receipt for your taxes, but let's double your donation!!!

Truly, is there anything better than massage???