Start date: 20th Nov - 6 weeks until 2024!
(although we get you started as soon as you sign up- we don't do hanging about here)

Who is it for?

Do you ever feel like you're not sure what to do to build your business?
Do you have lots of ideas but little action?
Do you struggle with overwhelm and procratination? 😬

The solution to both is ACTION but not just any action - the right aciton. 🎯

We will show you where to focus your efforts to build your dream business.

Not only that but we will set you tangible targets and hold you accountable to hitting them. 🎳

You will be pushed and supported here in equal measure.

Our goal is to get the best out of you!
(and we are damn good at doing it!🥰)

What is the AFM accelerator? 🔥

Great quesiton... Here is the the breakdown:

➡️ 1-1 call to audit your business.
In this call you will talk through your business vision. Identify the actions required to get there & agree on your targets (business & personal - YOU drive your business) with your mentor, define your strategy & commit to actioning it.

➡️ Weekly check ins
These must be completed on time - no late check in policy. You need to show up here. We won't be chasing you. You will get out what you put in here.

➡️ Weekly mastermind calls
THESE ARE GOLD. The best past about AFM (and the reason I am 100% confident in saying you won't get more from any other mentorship is that there is no gate keeping of information - we all share and grow together. You're not just getting access to my knowledge & experience - you are getting access to all the brains, knowledge & exepreince on AFM). I would join for this alone.

➡️ Whatsapp support group
Any questions, concerns, reassurance, support or ideas can be posted in here. Running your own business can be lonely - not here.

➡️ Half way 'call out' call
Whatever the goal most people drop out half way - in the motivation 'dip' thats why we've put in the half way call out call to make sure that you are not most people & that you get results. No one is left behind here.

➡️ Earn £100 back if you did what you agreed to in your first call.
(incentive to TAKE ACITON!!!)

Why should you join? 🤔

We want to see you fulfil your potential.

We want the best for you & we are going to back you all the way.

If you're ready to commit to putting in the work,
you don't want to put your goals on hold & you want to  get a head start on 2024.

This is for you. 

Not sure it's for you?

Listen to this podcast⬇️

This isn’t meant to be easy, this isn’t for everyone.

We will be pushing you to take action.

You will be forced to do things that scare you, this isn’t a comfort zone.

But as usual in AFM you will also have a tonne of love, support & reassurance backing you!❤️

The more you put into this, the more you will get out.

Still not sure?

Fill in this application & we will get back to you.