MAY 10th and 11th, 2019 at HARVARD UNIVERSITY


Friday, May 10th (Adolphus Busch Hall, Lower Level Conference Room):

1:30-1:40: Welcome

1:40-2: Opening Remarks: Samantha Matherne (Harvard University): "Mapping the Space of Aesthetic Normativity"

2-4: Alex King (SUNY Buffalo): "Realism, Universalism, and the Problem of Aesthetic Diversity," Commentator: Errol Lord (University of Pennsylvania), Chair: Anthony Cross (Texas State University)

15-minute break

4:15-6:15: Brian Soucek (UC Davis): "Aesthetic Immodesty," Commentator: Erin Kelly (Tufts University), Chair: Julianne Chung (University of Louisville)

Saturday, May 11th (Thompson Room, Barker Center):

10-12: Hannah Ginsborg (UC Berkeley): "“Aesthetic Normativity and Knowing How To Go On,” Commentator: Francey Russell (Yale), Chair: Wiebke Deimling (Clark University)

Lunch 12-1

1-3: Rob Hopkins (NYU) and Nick Riggle (University of San Diego): "Artistic Style as the Expression of Ideals," Commentator: Caitlin Dolan (UC Berkeley), Chair: E. Hande Tuna (Brown University)

15-minute break

3:15-5:15: Alva Noë (UC Berkeley): "Art and Objectivity," Commentator: Becca Rothfeld (Harvard University), Chair: Mohan Matthen (University of Toronto)

15-minute break

5:30-7: Panel: Jenny Judge (NYU), Antonia Peacocke (NYU), Nico Sillins (Cornell), Brad Skow (MIT); Moderator: Robbie Kubala (Columbia)

Sponsored by the Harvard Philosophy Department, New York Institute of Philosophy, & the American Society of Aesthetics

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