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AEG UNR Student Chapter Pizza Party

Alumni, graduate students, undergraduates, and prospective students alike fellowship and discuss the benefits of being apart of geosciences and the AEG over a slice of pizza

May 2021 Great Basin Chapter - UNR - Souther Nevada Chapter Joint Meeting

2021 Great Basin Chapter - UNR Student Chapter Student Night!

If you weren't able to attend, you can view the student presentations here:

Watch the Presentations

Register for the 2020 AEG Annual Meeting! https://aeg.memberclicks.net/2020-virtual-am-registration#/

We will pay for your student registration, please email us at aegnevada@gmail.com with a copy of your receipt and we will reimburse you!

  • AEG Great Basin and UNR Student Chapters Special Free Seminar:

Assessment of Contaminant Transport Through the Unsaturated Zone at an AMD-Producing Abandoned Tailings Facility in SE Nevada

By Spencer Whitman, 6:00 PM Thursday May 14


Watch the Presentation Here

  • Meet the Professionals Day March 9th, LME 425, 11:45-1PM, RSVP by March 6th

Thanks to those who attended the 2020 AEG Virtual Meeting
Speakers from Wood Rogers, NewFields, BLM presenting to UNR grad and undergrad