Aditya Dental College (UG-BDS)

Department of Oral Medicine Diagnosis & Radiology:

In this department the patient are initially examined and with the help of Radiological examination, the dental problem is diagnosed and sent to other department for needful treatment.

Department of Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery including Exodontia:

Here, the affiliated teeth will be extracted and all the surgical management of Dental, oral and facial problems will be undertaken with a minor operation theatre also.

Department of Periodontics:

This department is meant for the management of Dental problems, concerning Germs (Gingival), Cementum, Periodontal membrane and underlying aheohr bone.


In this Department, Ineticulons, restoration of lost teeth is undertaken with partial, complete Dentures, Fixed Dental Prostheses including the latest Dental Implants.

Dept. of Conservative Dentistry & Endodotics:

This department caters to the treatment of carious teeth, fractural teeth, non-vital teeth with appropriate restorations including Root Canal Treatment.

Department of Pedodontics:

Here the diagnosis and treatment of all the Dental problems in children will be undertaken with a tinge of entertainment for small kids.

Department of Orthodontics:

In this department, treatment is under taken for protruded teeth, irregular teeth and abnormal jaws so that normal dental alignment is achieved for good dental health.

Department of Community Dentistry:

This department is meant to improve the Dental Health of the Society, Schools and various communities by arranging Dental Health check-up and awareness camps. The college provides and equipped Mobile Dental Van for the above purpose.

Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology:

This department is related to the study of various Dental, oral and facial disorders in detail so that proper cure can be initiated against the dental diseases of late Cosmetic Dentistry which improves the aesthetics and smile of and individual is gaining importance. Apart from this, Implant Dentistry is progressing with a great conservative approach. In Aditya Dental College, the students are given a special focus on these two latest aspects of Dentistry. The BDS neo-graduates can opt for Post Graduation courses(MDS) in all branches of Dentistry and settle laws as teaching faculty, or can straight away heal for a Private Dental Practice. But to achieve anything the student needs determination dedication and hard work. The BDS students are expected to put in good amount of class and clinical attendance, learning, enthusiasm to attain the required clinical acumen to diagnose, investigate and manage various Dental problems of patients, of course, with a fact of human touch.

If one has to have a deep theoretical knowledge, one needs a very good library or the temple of books with all Textbook, Reference books, relevant Journals, Internet facility with photo-copying sections and this library is provided by Aditya Dental College.

Apart from academics, large sports stadia are available for outdoor and indoor games For all boys and girls separate Hostels with good mess are provided. Two canteens are also available for a quick bite during recess. Thus adequate facilities are provided in Aditya Dental College & Hospital, Beed for training under graduates at present and postgraduates in future. All the departments are adequately staffed and are above the norms prescribed for conducting effective student training programmes.

As swami Vivekanada said, “ Harmonious development of the Head, Hand and Heart is the mark of a model human being” and this is what we are striving to achieve.