Aditya Food Technology College (B-Tech Food Tech)

  • Food & Industrial Microbiology

Food may be defined as a substance which when introduced in a body supplies material which renews some structure or maintain some vital process. The human body is like a machine & requires fuel & material to enable it to grow repair & protect body .As in food chain from primary production activates on safety & suitability of food to final consumer setting out the necessary hygiene condition for consumption. As the documents provide a baseline structure more specific code applicable to particular sector Such code & guideline should be read in conjunction with Hazard Analysis & critical control point (HACCP) system & guideline for its application Food safety & microbial standards should maintain by food handler & high degree of cleanliness. Cleaning & disinfection programme should effectively monitored for its suitability where necessary & documented.

Microorganism play an important role in manufacture of various food product. Microorganism are also employed in the production milk product like butter, cheese, srikhand & also useful for the production of silages eg. Leuconostoc mesenteriodes As in industrial microbiology commercially important in production of alcoholic beverages. Many yeast are employee in the fermentation of fruits like graps & grains for production of wineary product eg. Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Microbes also useful in the preparation of food supplement & bread in bakery industry eg. Candida millery In the pharmaceutical Industry many microorganism employed in preparation of antibiotics eg. Penicllium Species & preparation of vitamins eg. Eremothecium ashbyi . In Biochemistry microorganism produced of different organic acid & enzymes eg. acetic acid, citric acid, lactic acid butyric acid, glyconic acid, formic acid, kojic acid etc.

In energy science microorganism associated with petroleum & its formation recovery by drilling its decomposition& utilization. Microbes responsible for biogas (methane ) production from organic waste product in biogas plants Also play important role in maintenance of oxygen level and energy balance in carbon, oxygen cycle in ecosystem. In sanitation and Health science microorganism digest and oxidize organic matter from sewage and impair the quality of drinking water.

As food and industrial microbiology concern with the Role of microorganism in manufacturing seperation, purification, sedimentation, refining, washing, blenching, milling, cutting, bladding, drying, slautering & filtration of final raw food product and make it available for society.

  • Food Science & Tech.

Food science is the study of physical, biological and chemical makeup of food and the concepts underlying food processing. With an attempt to better understand food process and ultimately responsible for developing improve, safe and nutritious food products with innovative packaging.

The department of food science & technology has gained this intetute with our impressive facilities such as separate laboratory with well equipped instruments and job oriented, specialized courses includes

Fruit regrettable processing, wheat milling and baking tech, m eat poultry & fish technology, legume and oil sad technology, cercal processing, processing of milk & milk produces, spice & flavor technology, carbonated beverages technology, extrusim technology, quality assurance & certification, product develop meet & formulation, specialty food etc.

By applying these sound technology, students are aware to carried out initial stele of food research into varicly of food’s properties and competition at laboratory scale,

By applying their findings they are responsible for commercial scale mass production of food products. For this we offered well equipped pilot plant where students learns & expose to industrial mavs production for selection, processing’s, preseration, packaging & distributes of safe food to general public.

  • Food Trade & Business Manag.

t is newly incorporated dept. recommended by IVth dean committees in 2006-07 the various subjects under this dept. are as follows

  1. Co-operation marketing & finance
  2. Business & International Trade
  3. Entrepreneurship development & communication skills.
  4. Food laws & regulations

India accounts for less than 1.5 % of international food trade despite being are of the major food producers, with rapid inaverare in per capita income and purchasing power, in created urbanization, there lies a large opportunity to cater the domestic consumers. The advent of WTO regime & reduced Subsidies in developed countries can add to India’s strengths in food production & processing industry.

Business management is an art & science. It includes various management functions such as planning, Organizing, Directing, Staffing & controlling. There functions are responsible to initiate organize & non a business.