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Admission Ded

  • Two Full Time Marathi Medium Teacher – Training course.
  • District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) conducts the Admission Procedure.

Eligibility to Admission :

  • Admission according to merit, which includes:

1) Minimum 50 % (Open) 45% (reserved category) marks at Std. 12th.

2) Minimum 45% marks at Std. 10th.

Documents to be attached :

  • The application form of D.T.Ed. course should accompany attested four copies of the certificates / testimonials in support of the mode in the application.The details of certificates to be submitted are given separately in the application form.

Confirmation of Admission :

A candidate at the time of confirming his or her admission i.e. at the time of paying demand draft will have to bring all the certificates / testimonials in original for verification.

  • Examinations :
  • F.Y. D.T.Ed. examination is ordinarily in September•
  • S.Y. D.T.Ed. Examination is ordinarily in September.

Intake Capacity : Total 50 Students

Rules & Regulations

  • Attendance of the student must be minimum 80% in theory and 100% in practical.
  • Completion and submissions of practical work in time is must. In case of late submission, practical is supposed to be incomplete.
  • Attendance for the exams – two unit tests, first-term exam, preliminary exam and tutorials is compulsory, Passing is 50%.
  • Identity card should be with the students wherever he/she is in college campus as well as at the time of final examination & practice lessons.
  • Library card is compulsory for issuing books.
  • In case of any occasion if student wants to remain absent he/she should get sanctioned the leave application from Principal of college through class teacher. In case of sickness, medical certificate should be submitted along with application.

Uniform -

(a) Boys - Properly washed & ironed uniform : Pant, Shirt, Tie and Polished Shoes is compulsory.

(b) Girls - Properly washed & ironed uniform :

  • i) Monday, Tuesday & Friday : Salwar, Kameez & Odhani.
  • ii) Thursday & lesson days - Saree.
  • Wednesday is kept free from uniform.
  • Saturday - Tracksuits & Shoes.
  • No jeans and skirts please.
  • Each class will have 6 ministers elected from class.
  • Every class will have a class teacher who can be approached by the students or their parents for any difficulty.
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited during college hours.
  • Students are neither allowed to sit on steps, fence walls or loiter in the corridor during college hours