What is Advocacy in Music Education?


NJMEA celebrates & acknowledges the importance of arts in our educational institutions & social-emotional well-being. 

We will work with educational stakeholders so that it remains fully funded & recognized for its central role in a student’s well-rounded education.

Advocacy Goals

For Teachers:

To have a plethora of diverse resources & access to meaningful, purposeful, & effective professional development opportunities.

For Students:

 To be provided with equitable musical opportunities & be celebrated, acknowledged, & recognized for their accomplishments.

For Community Members:

To have equitable access to a viable, sequential, & enduring arts program in their public schools.

For Administrators & Policy Makers

To fully fund, support, and promote the art’s central role in education. 

 Advocacy Statement

NJMEA joins our music students, educators and communities in celebrating the power of music education. Our advocacy work, therefore, focuses on raising awareness of the lasting positive impact of music education on the academic, personal, and professional growth of our students.

Music education is part of a well-rounded education for every student as outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act. The National Core Arts Standards guide us to Create, Perform, Respond and Connect. Arts education shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them, allowing for a deep engagement with learning.

Students and communities throughout New Jersey demonstrate the importance of quality music education programs to the lives of young people. Therefore, we encourage all citizens to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of arts education to remain fully funded because it is an essential part of the well-rounded education of every student.



Contact the NJMEA Advocacy Chair, Libby Gopal, to get more information: