Some Effective Ways to Advertise Well On Social Media

One of my friends always complains about social media ads. He says that social media ads are nothing more than an irritating hiccup which takes valuable real estate on a social media site’s timeline.

Although my friend went a little too far in complaining, the matter just drove my attention towards social media ads. I realized that there should be an effective way to advertise on social media.

Then I looked at the stats which showed that about two-third of the social media users get irritated by social media ads at some time. 26% of users flatly ignore these ads. Nevertheless, 62% of users follow at least one brand on social media.

There are a lot of things that we can conclude from these stats. While users are irritated with social media ads, they are also ready to follow brands there. It means that if there is an effective way to make social media ads appealing to the users, this platform can turn out to be even more effective than ecommerce websites.

Having that said, there are some ways you can make your social media ads effective.

Be authentic

While almost every ad out there tends to sell a product or service, it’s the slogan which makes it right or wrong. Thus, you will have to make sure that the content you are sharing is highly relevant and also appealing.

There is another trend in social media that users want to hear from other people. Hence, your brand should tell its followers different stories from time to time. Moreover, you have to make sure that you share different news and talk about trends on your brand page to keep the users engaged. This way, the word you would say about your product or service will have reasonable credibility.

Offer something useful

Good news is that you have the control over how, when and where you want to show up in the social media timelines of users. Having that said, you may not want to appear when user would ignore your ad. For instance, you would not want your soft-drink ad to be displayed to the user when he/she is looking at the pictures of friends visiting a mountainous side on the other side of the world. The most suitable ad in this regard would be about traveling. Make sure you are keeping this aspect in mind while showing your ads.

Offer context

The context of your ad should be inspiring for the users. Hence, you have to make sure that your ad is perfect from the technical and marketing perspective.

Be credible

According to a study, social media users seem to be more concerned about who shares the content rather than thinking about the origin of content. Hence, you can always stick with the quality of content. You can share different credible news and updates which would directly and indirectly benefit your brand.